About the Soil Trust

Welcome to the Soil Trust!

Of, by and for anyone who has $50 and wants to see more fertility in our soil, healthier food on our tables, more farmers in our fields, more small food businesses on our Main Streets.

Across the country, more and more folks are realizing that if we want a new generation of small and mid-size organic farms and we want to rebuild healthy local food systems, we have to use more than our power as consumers. We have to use our power as investors and donors.

Through Slow Money’s emerging network, including local chapters, investment clubs and regional and national gatherings, more than $20 million has flowed to 170 small food enterprises over the past two years. Lots of small, decentralized actions, linked by a strong vision: for the health of our families, our communities and our planet, we must bring money back down to earth.

ENTER the Soil Trust. Now, whether or not you can ever attend a Slow Money meeting, whether or not you are ever going to write a $5,000 or $50,000 check to invest directly in a small food enterprise, you can be part of this movement.

Chip in a tax-deductible contribution of $50 or more. We will aggregate these funds and invest the capital in collaboration with Slow Money’s network, utilizing the expertise of our national leadership and the local knowledge of Slow Money investors around the country. Investment returns will come back to the Soil Trust, to be re-invested, building a long-term, non-profit fund that will continue working to rebuild local food systems for generations to come.

By contributing to the Soil Trust, you not only build support for small food enterprises, but you contribute to the creation of a whole new kind of fund and whole new kind of funding. You join thousands of Slow Money folks around the country who are working together to fix the economy from the ground up.

The Soil Trust is:

  • funded by grassroots donors;
  • enabled by local Slow Money investors, who are leading with their own time and money and connecting us with food entrepreneurs around the country; and,
  • managed by a uniquely qualified team of nationally experienced investors and financial activists.

Is it philanthropy? Yes. Is it investing? Yes. Is it a revolution? Absolutely.