Investment Candidates

What companies will the Soil Trust invest in?

Due to Slow Money’s emerging network—with its program of regional and national meetings, 18 local chapters, six investment clubs and more on the way—the Soil Trust is constantly being connected to dynamic, promising small food enterprises that are seeking capital to grow.

Below are examples of food enterprises that have come through the Slow Money network over the past few years, as presenters at regional or national gatherings and/or as recipients of capital from Slow Money members.

A summary of Slow Money’s $20 million of investments to date, as well as videos of presenting entrepreneurs, are available on the Slow Money site.

Here are examples of such enterprises featured at the most recent national Slow Money showcase in San Francisco:

King of the Ghosts

New York organic restaurant that farms its own produce, committed to its dining clients, employees and soil fertility.

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Bovinity Health

Small Pennsylvania medical company manufacturing organic plasma and botanical formulations for the non-antibiotic treatment of infectious diseases.

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Point Reyes Compost Company

Closing the loop on poop. California purveyor of premium compost from organic cow, horse and chicken manure.

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Green fleet food distribution company in Texas leveraging technology for minimal environmental impact.

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Northern Girl

Value-added processor expanding income for Maine farmers by utilizing their culls and surplus production.

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People’s Community Market

Building a community centered social mission grocery shop in an urban food desert in West Oakland, California

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Maine Grains

Grain mill and food hub helping to rebuild the regional food infrastructure in Maine.

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Farm Power

Company in Washington State that develops, owns, and operates anaerobic manure digesters.

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Veritable Vegetable

Established California women-led distribution company working with local organic farmers.

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Source Local Foods

Company developing both an on-line commerce platform and distribution infrastructure in Colorado.

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